How it Works

Remember how you used to meet people at parties, a class, or other social gatherings? When you could have small intimate conversations with perfect strangers and end up as great friends… or more? Those days aren’t gone!

At Box Club Social, we bring that experience right into your home with cozy virtual gatherings and fun, interesting activities. Meet other singles who like to do the things you do in a casual, non-stressful environment. We use Zoom and other online apps to connect over themed events. We even ship all the supplies you need right to your door!


Register and create a profile

Tell us a little about yourself. What makes you tick? What’s your guilty pleasure? Don’t worry if it’s not perfect, you can always add to it later. Signing up is free, and there’s no obligation after that. 


Attend an event, class, or party 

Whether it’s a holiday party, a singles happy hour with a theme, a craft night, or a cooking class, we’ll have something right for you. Some events are free, some have a small cover charge, and those with delightful boxes are just a little bit more. Once you attend one of our virtual events, you’ll be able to connect with other singles who are interested in the same kinds of things you are.


Get a box of goodies right to your door

Box Club Social events often require specific items to participate, such as art supplies or spices for a recipe. We ship these items direct to your door to make attending our virtual events easy and convenient. But don’t open it until the event – anticipation makes it so much more fun!


Connect with other socialites.

Once you’ve attended a virtual event, you’ll be able to friend, follow, and message others who have also attended at least one event. By limiting our community to only those who have attended a virtual event, we can keep scammers out, and by connecting through the Box Club Social website, you can keep your personal information private. 


Wash, rinse and repeat

Box Club Social events are virtual and live. Every event gives you another opportunity to meet more people interested in the things you are. Because you meet them in a virtual group setting, there’s no pressure to decide to meet until you’ve met virtually.

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