This isn’t your mama’s meet up

Box Club Social is an innovative new way to connect with people you want to know from the comfort of your own home. Cool events combined with surprise boxes delivered to your door brings a whole new way to socialize. 

Born in the middle of a pandemic, Box Club Social was designed to make meeting people easier. Centered around events, our “socialites” meet interesting people doing the things they are interested in. By creating profiles, people can friend others and even message them to follow up after the party or class.

It takes a community to build a community .

From many… one.

If there is one thing we’ve learned through the pandemic of 2020, it’s that being lonely is hard. With the entire world shut down, staying safe and staying sane became a challenge. While Box Club Social is the brainchild of the founder, Ann Sanderson, an entrepreneur in Portland, Oregon, it is really the synthesization of ideas from many of her friends, family, clients. We are absolutely grateful for every crazy “what if…?” and “oh, I know what you can do…!” and for the amazing technology of our era that has made it possible. Thank you, everyone. ♥️